Manual Lymphatic Drainage

When the lymphatic system is damaged through injury, illness, or surgery, many complications can occur. Lymph can collect in areas causing swelling, and hindering your body’s ability to heal and fight infection or illness. Manual Lymph Drainage re-routes lymph from damaged areas to maintain a healthy flow. It helps to reduce scarring and is a proven way to get the most benefit out of your surgical experience.


What can I expect from an MLD session?

Manual Lymph Drainage is always done on the skin directly, without the use of any oils, lotions or waxes. Because the lymph we are stimulating is directly under the skin, it is important to work directly with the skin, without any additional barriers.


When should I start MLD sessions?

MLD sessions ideally begin just prior to surgery. Once your surgery is completed, you can start as soon as your incision is closed, usually within a couple of days post-op.


How many sessions should I have?

Week One: Daily sessions; 5 sessions.  Week Two: Move to every-other-day; 3 sessions. Week Three: Move to 2 sessions. You and your Therapist can evaluate your progress and needs as you move toward ideal healing.


How long does a session last?

An MLD session can last from 60-90 minutes.


How can I prepare for an MLD session?

Come to your MLD session with a bathing suit, or similar garments on under your clothing to allow for your privacy needs. Additionally, be sure to drink plenty of water prior to and after your sessions.


What should I do after an MLD session to get the most out of my experience?

Drink plenty of water, maintain your MLD sessions as directed, and perform self-MLD between sessions as directed by your practioner. If garments are recommended, follow instructions carefully and rely on your Certified Lymphedema Therapist to provide guidance and support.